NRF52840: Need guidance/troubleshooting with an application that hangs on invoking Cordio BLE::init on a custom board

We are using the Nordic NRF52840 BLE Module on our custom board. However when we invoke the BLE init method as shown below the application hangs. I was wondering if there is a way to enable some debug tracing at the mbed-os level which could help us identify where in the MBED OS BLE Cordio initialization process does the application ends up failing.

void BleCentral::Initialize() {
    //set the event handler.;

    //initialize the ble stack
	ble_error_t error = m_ble.init(this,&BleCentral::OnBleInitComplete);

	if (error != BLE_ERROR_NONE) {
		logError("Errors Occurred Initializing BLE, Error Code: %d, Error String: %s", error, BLE::errorToString(error));


Any thoughts MBED BLE CORDIO team?

Hey, Have you fixed this issue, I have same issue , can you share the latest progress.