NUCLEO-H723ZG support

I’m new to Mbed OS, and I’m struggling to understand why the NUCLEO-H723ZG is not supported yet, even though there seem to be all the files for it in the mbed-os repository:


The NUCLEO-H743ZI2 is however supported, and in fact I can see all the necessary files in the mbed repository (PeripheralPins.c, PinNames.h, system_clock.c).
I can see those files for the H723ZG, too, but when trying to compile for the NUCLEO-H723ZG I get:

Could not compile for NUCLEO_H723ZG: Target NUCLEO_H723ZG is not supported by toolchain ARMC6

What would I need to do to compile for the H723ZG? What other files are necessary to create?


what a tool do you use?
Keil Studio Cloud says “it is supported only under bare metal profile” this does not make sense this usually for low memory target.
And also can not be compiled with - Target NUCLEO_H723ZG is not supported by toolchain ARM
This is probably because

Do not ask me why, I do not know but if you working with something offline try to delete lines 3337-3339 if not help switch to GCC.

BR, Jan

For what it’s worth, Mbed CE does properly support NUCLEO_H723ZG! Building and running code for the board is tested working in master branch, and if you use this branch (merging soon), code can be uploaded automatically too!

Oh wow, @MultipleMonomials your pull request to add support came just in time!
Thanks, I wasn’t aware of Mbed CE. I will test it out ASAP!

@JohnnyK right now I’m using Mbed studio, but I’m still a bit confused on whether I should use that or Keil Studio. As I said, I’m just getting started. If you can point me to a comparion table/guide that would really help. I may try Keil Studio for VS Code because I don’t like cloud IDEs.

To be honest I moved to MbedCE because ARM spoped development of Mbed and Jamie did a lot of work in MbedCE. As soon as you set up the VS CODE you do not want anything else - Project Setup: VS Code · mbed-ce/mbed-os Wiki (

MbedStudio is not developed anymore because it has to be replaced by KeilStudio desktop in the future, but this future is already longer than 2 years.
KeilStudioCloud is cool tool but has a lot of bugs what are not solved also more than two years and KeilStudio team just ignore these bugs because they are not able to reproduce it or something else.

  • KeilStudio sometimes ignoring changes in code and uploading still old binary. That is very cool when you want test/debug someting, then you notice you are chasing ghosts
  • KeilStudio sometimes change MbedOS version (on a project where you did a version change)
  • This is probably not a bug but it is really annoying. You are not able to do any change in MbedOS library!

BR, Jan

Great, I’ll test it out soon. Thank you!

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