Support STM32H5?


I purchased ST’s Mbed compatible MCU board “NUCLEO-H563ZI”.
And when I tried to compile with Keil Studio Cloud, I got an error saying “‘NUCLEO_H563ZI’ cannot be recognized”.

STM32H5 is the latest STM32 MCU just released on 2023/03.
As of 2023/04/14, there is board information on the Mbed official site, but it seems that MbedOS is not yet supported.

Even if you actually observe the MbedOS GitHub repository, the code for STM32H5 does not exist.

Since STM32CubeH5 has already been released, could you please support it?


Hello @Kazuki_Ota,

ST has the mbed enabled logo on all packages of all Nucleo and Discovery boards I think, but not all are supported by Mbed. More exactly all were not added into Mbed by ST.

@jeromecoutant could be one, who know and can give an answer.

Edit: your issue for that - Can’t compile to the “NUCLEO-H563ZI” board. · Issue #15411 · ARMmbed/mbed-os (

BR, Jan

As indicated in #15411, I am sorry but ST doesn’t plan to support STM32H5 with mbed-os.
Message “supported by Mbed-OS 6.9” was a error, I removed it.

As shown in the URL Development boards | Mbed , this board is not supported, maybe because it is too new. If you really want to use Mbed on this target now, you may add relevant sources by yourself (but it could be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT unless you understand the whole Mbed OS). Before the Mbed adds official support, try ST’s HAL.

I would like to try to add it into Mbed-CE, but unfortunately this board seems to be out of stock everywhere… maybe in the future.

BR, Jan

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Thanks for everyone the answers.
GitHub#15411 was also posted by me.
I first asked this question as a support request, but at the time I thought it might be a bug, so I asked a question on GitHub as well.

Thanks to GitHub#15411 and the respondents in this thread, it turns out that new development across Mbed isn’t going very well.
I would like to consider using a compatible board such as STM32U5.

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