Lora E5 support for non volatile storage

Hello ARMmbed,

I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this question but I don’t know where to start otherwise.
So if anyone can guide me to the right resource, that would be great.

I’m using Mbed OS on the Lora-E5 from Seeed. All works great but I can’t get non volatile memory to work.
I want to store 1 integer variable even after a power-cycle.

I tried adapting the KVstore examples into my code. And they work as long as the power is on. But after a power cycle the data is gone.

Below are the two functions I’m testing with.

void kv_store_get(char* key) {
    /* Start by getting key's information */
    res = kv_get_info(key, &info);
    char *kv_first_value_out = new char[info.size + 1];
    memset(kv_first_value_out, 0, info.size + 1);
    res = kv_get(key, kv_first_value_out, info.size, &actual_size);
    printf("kv_get -> %d\n", err_code(res));
    printf("kv_get key: %s\n", key);
    printf("kv_get value: %s\n", kv_first_value_out);
    delete[] kv_first_value_out;

void kv_store_set(char* key, char* value) {
    res = kv_set(key, value, strlen(value), 0);
    printf("kv_set -> %d\n", err_code(res));

And I’ve set the following configurations in mbed_app.json:

      "stm32wl-lora-driver.rf_switch_config": 2,
      "lora.duty-cycle-on": false,
      "target.features_add": ["STORAGE"],
      "target.components_add": ["FLASHIAP"],
      "storage.storage_type": "TDB_INTERNAL",
      "storage_tdb_internal.internal_size": "(4*1024)"

If anyone can point me into a direction of getting this to work that would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance