Point of Confusion

ARM says that KEIL STUDIO CLOUD will no longer be available after End of Life, however their suggestion is to use Arm Keil MDK v6 Community Edition, which lists KEIL STUDIO CLOUD as a tool you can use.

Is it still going to be available after ARM has done their END OF LIFE?

The post refers to Mbed OS support in Keil Studio Cloud. The primary “framework” for Keil Studio Cloud is CMSIS.

Thanks for your incredibly fast response, it is greatly appreciated.
However, does this mean that code that was created in KEIL STUDIO
CLOUD using MBED OS will no longer work after the END OF LIFE?
Or is is possible to have reconfigure the code to work under CMSIS?

I have about 500 students every year that have been using MBED OS with
Keil studio Cloud for several years. I spent 5 years to develop my course and
created about 100 YouTube videos to provide support for this courseware.

I have also developed a course for UDEMY that uses MBED STUDIO,
so you can understand my frustration with this decision by ARM.

Such a wonderful development environment just tossed out leaving a lot of
its users extremely frustrated, with no similar path to move forward. All other platforms
do not have the ease of use for code generation over such a wide range of
microcontrollers. I know because for the last 30 years, I have developed all the
Introductory MicroController courses at Seneca Polytechnic,

Hopefully within the next year MBED CE may come up with something
that might fill the gap, but I am not hopeful…

Dave Ross
Professor, School of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Seneca Polytechnic, 1750 Fince Ave East North York (Toronto)
Ontario Canada.

Hi Dave,

I work in the education team at Arm. Could you get in contact at: education@arm.com

We would like to understand more about your teaching/courses and then we can explore possible alternatives for you moving forward.