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Pong with ARM Cortex M3 and LPC1768


I’m trying to create a Pong game with ARM cortex m3 and LPC1768 Landtiger. My focus is to create a paddle and a ball.

The paddle must move with potentiometer (ADC) and the ball should move aroud and hit the paddle of course.
I already created the ball and the paddle with GLCD library, using DrawLine yet I don’t know how can I move the paddle with the potentiometer and how to make the ball move (I was thinking with refreshing the screen every ms but I really don’t have a clue).

Any help?

Thanks in advice!

Hello Franceso,
This link might help STM32F407VET6_Pong - A simple Pong game with STM32F407VET6 black board… | Mbed