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Possible to use PowerShell in Mbed Studio?


I have been using VS Code + Mbed-cli for years, everything worked just fine until I realized there are 10s of GB cache files in VS Code folder. Somehow MS CPP decided to index mbed-os folder in each of my projects, even mbed-os folder is linked via symbolic link. So I decided to give Mbed-studio a try.

So far the experience seems pretty good. AutoComplete is a lot faster and makes more sense. And presumably Mbed Studio won’t index linked mbed-os libraries multiple times.

Before I give up on VS Code for mbed projects, can anyone tell me how to change the terminal program from CMD.exe to powershell?


Regarding the multiple mbed-os directories, did you try using a single mbed-os directory from multiple projects? This is possible by using the MBED_OS_DIR option in CLI1 and --mbed-os-path option in CLI2.

Hello Li,

Switch to Linux:

  • A plethora of powerful Unix commands can be launched from the MbedStudio’s terminal window. You can even run the “Midnight Commander” file manager if you like so.

  • Compilation is faster than on Windows.

  • You can have it alongside Windows on the same computer.

I haven’t tried it. My concern is if I use MBED_OS_DIR option then autocomplete etc. won’t work.

I just tried it yesterday. Mbed-Studio on Ubuntu 20 is actually quite usable, with added benefit of much faster compilation speed. My 8 year old laptop beats 3 year old one with Windows.

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