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Problems using USB_DP and USB_DM pins on the NUCLEO-L432KC board

Hello everyone

I have a little problem with the NUCLEO-L432KC board. I want to implement serial communications between the board and the PC via USB but without using ST-LINK USB (USBTX, USBRX)
I want to implement it using the USB_DP and USB_DM pins. When trying to use USBSerial I get the error. “this board does not have a hardware USB driver”

Can you help me please?


The error is not exact, there is no problem with hardware but with drivers what were not implemented.
How I remember the USB DEVICE was not supported on this target.

You can verify that when you add this to thembed_app.json

    "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "target.device_has_add": ["USBDEVICE"]

and also DTR from PC serial monitor is required. But I think it is still not working.

BR, Jan

Same issue

you will see

BR, Jan