Program LCP2148

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I have question please can i programme a chip called LCP2148 with arduino or esp32/8266

Hello Yass,

An example of flashing the LPC2148 with a USB to UART converter is here.

You can use an Arduino as USB to UART converter as explained here.

  • Wiring:
| Arduino | LPC2148 board |
| Rx      | RXD           |
| Tx      | TXD           |
| GND     | GND           |

  • WARNING: Since the Arduino runs at 5V and the LPC2148 at 3.3V I’d recommend to connect them over voltage level shifters (even though the datasheet claims the LPC2148 inputs are 5V tolerant).

  • Power the LPC2148 board by connecting it over a USB cable to the PC.

  • Because no RTS and DTR pins are available on the Arduino board a work around is to switch the LPC2148 to In System Programming (ISP) mode manually:
    – At the LPC2148 board connector, connect the ISP pin to GND over a wire.
    – Push and release the RST button on the LPC2148 board.

  • Program the chip with Flash Magic.

  • Remove the wire connecting the LPC2148’s ISP pin to GND.

  • Disconnect the Arduino from the LPC2148 board.

  • Push and release the RST button on the LPC2148 board.

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Thanks a lot Zoltan
And what about the esp8862/32 can i do the same manipulation to flash with it because all ready have the 3.3v on it

Hello Yass,

If you have an ESP8862 or ESP32 board equipped with a USB connector and the Tx, Rx pins are available too then you can try to use it as a USB to UART converter. Although I’ve no experience with that it might work if (similar to the Arduino) you connect the RESET pin to GND.

Best regards, Zoltan

Thanks again ur last word i didn’t get it
Connect the REST pin to GND
You mean

THE RST of the this image to GND of esp or what

On the ESP8862/ESP32 board connect the RESET pin to the GND pin. This will disable the ESP8862/ESP32 chip but keep the USB to UART converter (located on the same board) operational. So it can be used for programming the LPC2148 board. (Open the link to the Arduino I provided above. There is a picture showing how to do it when using the Arduino.)

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Thanks i get it know thanks for your great help and your fast answers.

Thanks a lot for your help think can help someone