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MBED_BLINKY not execute

Good night. My stage is LPC1549. I compile the mbed_blinky program, transfer it to the board but it doesn’t work, I’ve tried the red, green and blue led, but without success.

Hello José,

you must to provide more information about your issue and example.
Just for clarification. Your board is supported only by the old Mbed 2 so it can be used only with Online compiler and maybe with Mbed CLI but not with MbedStudio.

BR, Jan

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Good afternoon. I’m using the online compiler and the example of the board page on the mbed website and it doesn’t work. Was there a solution?


Maybe board’s firmware update or update the mbed lib to latest version.

BR, Jan

Good afternoon JohnnyK. I did what you sent me, updated the library and updated the firmware to the version (lpc4322_lpc1549_if_mbed_v0221_20150714), but it still didn’t work. In the programming of LED1 (red), LED2 (green) and LED3 (Blue) only the red LED flashes 4 times at a higher frequency and 4 times at a lower frequency is that way.

Did you check the serial output on PC side? That sequence of the LED flashing seems be a Mbed crash. So, in a terminal application you will see a crash report probably. I not say that will help but it is reason why your program not run and why flashing the red LED1 instead your greed LED2.

Alternatively you can try to import mbed-dev (import takes very long time) instead of normal mbed library.

If that will not help, then I am out of ideas…

BR, Jan

Mine appears like that, I don’t know which door it is, right? I use windows 8.Capturar1 Capturar2 Capturar2

You need to see some device with a COM port. Just try this.

BR, Jan

Good night Johnny. There is no serial port, just what I sent you appears. Mbed serial port (COMx) does not appear.

Capturar1 Capturar2