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Programming NRF52832 with the NRF52DK

Hi, I’m trying to make an embedded system with the nrf52832 and the sensor bno055 but before making this PCB I need to prove that this microcontroller can communicate with this sensor by using the module of Adafruit Bno055 and the NRF52dk. Im using the compiler of mbed studio online and search for examples that I have found but I don’t know why the program does not upload to the nrf52dk or if I have something wrong.

I’m have been using this example to test the Adafruit bno055 with the nrf52832 BNO055_Adafruit - Adafruit BNO055 test program. | Mbed , have already upload the firmware of Mbed and also conecting the usb port by the external pins SWDCLK, SWDIO, VDD and GND.


The example program used old Mbed 2 library and API and the mbed.lib doesn’t support nRF52-DK target.
I have updated this example for latest Mbed OS 6.x and published here:

I don’t have either BNO055 sensor and nRF52-DK, so I tested with nRF52840-DK only. I got test log below as I don’t connect to the sensor.

Orientation Sensor Raw Data Test
 I2C Read : 0 from addr: 0
 I2C Read : 0 from addr: 0
Ooops, no BNO055 detected ... Check your wiring or I2C ADDR!

You can test this program with your board and sensor. I hope this helps.