mBed samples for the nRF52-DK/nRF52832


I’m looking for mBed OS 5 examples I can run on the nRF52-DK(based on the nRF52832 by Nordic). At the mBed GitHub, I only found a Blinky and a BLE sample. I’m wondering if you are familiar with more examples you can share with me.



All Mbed OS 5 examples should work on nRF52-DK. For example, see the repositories here:

If you have an application that relies on mbed or mbed-dev library, you’d need to upgrade it to Mbed OS 5 to use it with nRF52. Remove the mbed library from the online compiler (or via CLI) and then add https://github.com/armmbed/mbed-os as a new dependency. That’s it.

How do you add a new dependency to the online compiler.