Q: Is it possible to install VSIX extensions?

Since Mbed Studio is based on Eclipse Theia I was expecting to be able to install VSIX extensions. However, there seems to be no interface for that in the product and I couldn’t find mention of it in the documentation.

If the ability to extend the product has been disabled, please let me know so I won’t continue looking. I also assume that if this is the case that it is a strategic decision so I’m also curious if you could share the rationale behind it, if possible.


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Hi Todd,

Mbed Studio does not support it at the moment. That being said we are currently investigating allowing users to extend Studio by installing Visual Studio Code extensions. It is possible that we will add support for it in the near future. Are there any particular extensions you have in mind? We can then try them during our investigation process.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

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Hi Arek,

Thanks for the reply; I really appreciate it.

Good to hear as it means I’m not just missing it.

That makes sense as one of the advantages to building on VS Code is its extensibility.

Yes, but let me caveat this by saying I’m not a real user of Mbed Studio. I work for Genuitec and we have a product called CodeTogether that enables pair programming from VS Code, Eclipse, and IntelliJ. I am currently researching VS Code-based IDEs to ensure that CodeTogether also works well in them as well as it does in VS Code.

However, I don’t know if your community is interested in easy, free remote pair programming from Mbed Studio or not. But if you believe they are, please note that we’re ready to work with you to ensure it’s available to them when you’re ready to support external plugins by either bundling them in the distribution or enabling users to install them from Open VSX.

BTW, I mention this site instead of the MS Marketplace because MS bans use of their marketplace for non-MS products in their license agreement.

All the best,

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