Questions about how to use Mbed Studio

I have used WEB IDE so far, recently I experienced Mbed Studio.
Thus, I have questions about how to use it.

  1. Originally Mbed Studio’s speed(compiling and uploading etc…) is slower than Web IDE?
    1-1. Then can’t I improve speed?

  2. Doesn’t support to install extension? (ex. C/C++ extension(or intellisense) in VS Code etc…)

  3. Doesn’t support language packages?



  1. yes, MbedStudio is slower because run on local machine but Web IDEs run on server.
    1-1. Not much. It can be faster on Linux system, because it has faster filesystem (experiences of other users) than windows.
    Also the speed is hand in hand with content what is compiled, so huge content = long compilation -
    How to shorten compilation time up to six times - Mbed OS - Arm Mbed OS support forum.
    First compilation take 2-4min. Another compilations take only few seconds because the rest of content is already pre-compiled, until you not not change a configuration of MbedOS.

  2. From my point of view MbedStudio is still not “Final”, so it is better to focus to basics, than add more and more issues into.
    Maybe you will found answer in older topics:
    Q: Is it possible to install VSIX extensions? - Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum
    MBED Studio decision to use Theia vs VSCode? - Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed OS support forum

  3. I don’t remember any information about this. But it will be similar like with exetensions.
    But does it matter? C/C++ and MbedOS code is based on English keywords, Mbed docs and MbedStudio docs are in English language.

Arm Mbed Studio - Arm Mbed Studio | Mbed Studio Documentation

BR, Jan


Just to add to @JohnnyK’s post, Mbed Studio has C/C++ intellisense support powered by clangd. See Code editing - IntelliSense | Mbed Studio Documentation.