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Ranlib error when building mbedtls-2.13.0 on OS X

(Scott O'Hair) #1

I am getting the following error when running make on the mbed tls programs directory in a fresh download of mbedtls-2.13.0 on OS X. I had been using make here with no issues until it suddenly stopped last night, so I thought I must have broken something and downloaded a fresh mbedtls-2.13.0. I still am receiving this error when running make:

ranlib: object: libmbedx509.a(certs.o) malformed object (unknown load command 1)
make[1]: *** [libmbedx509.a] Error 1
make: *** […/library/libmbedx509.a] Error 2

I have tried to reinstall Xcode command line tools but this did not solve the issue. I can generate that error either by running make on the default makefile or by typing:
ranlib …/library/libmbedx509.a

(Ron Eldor) #2

@scottohair Thank you for reporting this issue!

I have created an issue in our github repository on your behalf, so it could be better tracked.
You are welcome to track this issue
Mbed TLS Team member

(Ron Eldor) #3

Hi @scottohair
We have tried reproducing this, but could not.
Could you please share your configuration to the github issue I opened on your behalf?
Mbed TLS Team member