Recovering / Migrating an old project

We have an old project, LPC1768 / mbed 2 based and stored as a mercurial project on

We’d like to export this keil and move it offline.

On the repository page in the “Repository toolbox” box in the top right there is an Export to desktop IDE option. Exactly what I want.
However no matter which option I pick the export fails. On the failure page I get a link to a page to check system status and report issues. That link gives a 503 error.

Hi Andy,

Can you try to import it into Keil Studio Cloud first, and then download it (or publish to source control) from there?


I have it working in mbed studio already. That’s why I want to export it to a desktop IDE, to get away from having to use mbed studio. But the reasons that are a whole other story…

I can download a .tar of the project from there.
But the system used to also be able to create all the project files for the other applications which made migrating far simpler. I can always create them by hand if needed but it seems odd that useful and working export functionality that was part of the web page not the compiler has vanished from the system while leaving all the UI hooks for it still there.
Either the function has gone and the button shouldn’t be there or something has been broken by accident and should be fixed.

Hello Andy,

export to a specific IDE from web is problem for last few years, how I remember. This functionality needs an effort to keep it updated in all tools = human power with knowledge = more money. Some basic stuff was still available via MbedCLI, but I do not know current state of this.

Moreover Mbed2 is not supported for few years so get a support on this topic will be very hard or impossible and also in the context of current Mbed state.

BR, Jan

So a feature can remain broken for several years and at no point do they have the 30 seconds it would take to remove the button from the web page?

That sort of thing is why I’m moving away from mbed.

Perhaps you can take a screenshot and send it to the official customer service.