Roll back Mbed Studio ARM compiler version

We have customers using our libraries that were built using ARM compiler 6.11. These libraries do not work with ARM complier 6.16. Version 1.4.4 of Mbed Studio employs ARM compiler version 6.16. Is it possible to roll back to 6.15 while maintaining a current license?

Hi Leon,

Yes, it is possible, though not something we include in the product UI due to potential instability it could create (for instance, the intellisense support is compiler version dependent, so your customers might find that intellisense generates errors with an older compiler version). I recommend that you upgrade your libraries to support Arm Compiler 6.16 and later if possible.

In the meantime, you can find the compiler downloads here: where “platform” should be replaced with win, mac, linux. This can be extracted and placed in the relevant tools folder.

The license we include with Mbed Studio should work with those earlier versions of Arm Compiler 6.