Semtech SX126X Driver in MBED


I see from GitHub at mbed-os/connectivity/drivers/lora/COMPONENT_SX126X at master · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub that there is a driver in the tree for the Semtech SX126x devices now. I am working on such a project and tried to build it but find that there are problems with mbed_app.json lines like "target.components_add": ["SX126X"],
in that I get errors referencing

use of undeclared identifier 'MBED_CONF_SX126X_LORA_DRIVER_FREQ_SEL

I see these relate to

PinName freq_select,
PinName device_select,
PinName crystal_select,

in …COMPONENT_SX126X/SX126X_LoRaRadio.h and …COMPONENT_SX126X/SX126X_LoRaRadio.h in the Github directory above but they do not correspond to pins in the Semtech SX1261/2 data sheet on the Semtech website available as a download here: SX1262 | Long Range Low Power LoRa® Transceiver +22dBm | Semtech

Can anyone tell me what is up with this driver and what the pins are that re referenced in the driver but not in the SX126x devices ?

Many thanks,

Those are IO lines on the radio shield. They tell the driver about the hardware configuration (e.g. 868 MHz optimised, SX1261, no tcxo).

I assume you can bypass this stuff. I would look at the LoRaWAN example repo, specifically the radio helper code.