Serial monitor visualizing problem


Here is how terminal output looks:
terminal output

Here is function whre output to terminal occurs:

void displayThread()
char buffer[128];

printf("\033[2J\033[H"); // Clear Screen and go Home
printf("\033[?25l"); // Turn the cursor off

    osEvent evt = queue.get();
    if (evt.status == osEventMessage) {
        msg_t *message = (msg_t*)evt.value.p;
            case CMD_temperature:
                sprintf(buffer,"Temperature = %2.1fF",message->value);
                displayAtXY(1, 1, buffer);
            case CMD_setPoint:
                sprintf(buffer,"Set Point = %2.1fF",message->value);
                displayAtXY(1, 2, buffer);
            case CMD_time:
                time_t rawtime;
                struct tm * timeinfo;
                time (&rawtime);
                rawtime = rawtime - (5*60*60); // UTC - 4hours ... serious hack which only works in winter
                timeinfo = localtime (&rawtime);
                strftime (buffer,sizeof(buffer),"%r",timeinfo);
                displayAtXY(1,3, buffer);
            case CMD_mode:
                if(message->value == 0.0)
                    sprintf(buffer,"Mode = Off ");
                else if (message->value < 0.0)
                    sprintf(buffer,"Mode = Heat");
                    sprintf(buffer,"Mode = Cool");
                displayAtXY(1, 4, buffer);




Any comments ?

I tried today. Today, I don’t see anything at all in Serial Monitor.
In the meantime I proceeded to upgrade to the version 0.9.
This is probably a bug in version 0.9.

Here is the simplest code:
int main()
printf(“Started System\n”);
Nothing at all in Serial Monitor

Did you try a baud rate of 9600 in the terminal? I believe that is the default…

Otherwise, what is the declaration & initialisation of your serial port?

Yes, I’ve tried all rates.
Moreover, I’ve also tried with .json file:
“target_overrides”: {
“*”: {
“platform.stdio-baud-rate”: 115200

Otherwise, what is the declaration & initialisation of your serial port?

There is no declaration/initialization. The link on the project that apparently works on MacOS is here:

I’m using MBed Studio 0.9 and it doesn’t have any problems writing to the serial port (both USB and traditional UART).

OTOH, I always explicitly declare a serial port along the lines of:

I don’t know what the problem was, but today it works. Probably some problem with Windows preventing the COM port from communicating.

Hi Pavel,

I’m glad that it works for you. The two most common causes of this issue are:

  1. Having a serial monitor open outside of Mbed Studio. Only one serial monitor can have access to the board at the same time.
  2. There is a regression in Mbed Studio 0.9.0. Serial panel is not reopening correctly for a board when it was closed manually using a close (x button). We are working on a fix. It will be fixed in upcoming release. Until then restarting Mbed Studio is the only way to fix it. Disconnecting and reconnecting a board is not triggering this issue. Only manual close.

Arek - Mbed Studio team