Serial terminal and more

Using a STM32 NUCLEO-F767ZI and serial terminal. My question is how do you clear the screen?
I’m new to Mbed and would also like to know how to find the definitions (and usage) of the Mbed library.
The serial terminal is CoolTerm.

Hi Greg,

As mentioned in this tutorial:

If you need to clear the data in the terminal screen, click the Clear Data icon with the large red X on it.

Note that this feature is not related to Mbed but to the serial termianl you are using.
As for documentation on Mbed, I would suggest you start with the handbook
Mbed Support

Thank you so much for the insight and the big X in coolterm to clear the terminal. I was fortunate to figure that out when I first used coolterm.
I guess I wasn’t very clear as to what I needed. I wrote a program that writes to coolterm, and would like the code that would clear the terminal. I’v been searching for it and found void cls() but that seemed not to work. I tried sending A.S.C.I. I. codes to clear but no luck. Any suggestions?
Thank you.


void clearAndHomeSerial()
//Serial Terminal
pc.printf("%c",char(27)); // ESC
pc.printf("[2J"); // clear screen
pc.printf("%c",char(27)); // ESC
pc.printf("[H"); // cursor to home

this should do the job