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Shared SWCLK pin with boot0 pin. Would I need to connect NRST too?


I am fairly new to the STM32 family. I am trying to program my STM32G030F6P6 with a ST-Link V2. I am using the TSSOP-20 Package varient.

However when I try to upload even a very simple program I get this error.

"Error in final launch sequence:

Failed to start GDB server

Failed to start GDB server

Error in initializing ST-LINK device.

Reason: (4) No device found on target."

So I was looking through forum posts and everything and it came to my attention that my boot0 pin is shared with the SWCLK pin. I found out one forum post says that I need to connect the NRST pin too in these type of situations. But in the datasheet I could not find a clear answer to that. Can you please comment on this and share your insights please. It would be a great help.

  • I have configured the Serial Wired and everyting in the setup.
  • I know the ST Link V2 is working because I can flash my Bluepill and other STM32 MCUs with it.

Best Regards