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Some problems for mbedtls

I have transplanted mbed TLS repository to android jni and also built the code successfully.
We used atmel ecc508A to save private key.
And when I tested ssl_client2.c,last error is the same:” 0x4E00, the signature is not valid.”.
url is:
Regarding to this issue information,Please look all the attachments.
password is:t5vd
HoneywellQAProductPKI.pem: QA CA root certificate(This root CA is issued by Honeywell not official CA institution).
SharedQACA.pem: middle QA CA certificate issued by HoneywellQAProductPKI.pem.
ClientCert.pem:device certificate issued by SharedQACA.pem.
Mbedconn.c: test file,entrance function: Java_com_honeywell_finaltest_NativeMbed_initNativeTls()
Tls.log: log file.
Mbed1.cap: network package that can be open by wireshark.
And private key for device is stored in external processor Atmel ECC508A ,slot 2.

Looking forward to your reply!