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SPIFBlockDevice not erasing or writing to the SST26VF016 on MK64F


I’ve run into an issue with the SPIFBlockDevice driver when trying to work with the SST26VF016 on the MK64F. I’m simply trying to run, but I see some strange behaviors.

  • The erase call returns a SPIF_BD_ERROR_INVALID_ERASE_PARAMS error.
  • The write call does not update the bits, and the read call always returns the old values.

Is there any additional configuration of the spif driver needed to work with this memory chip?

Hi Kyle,

could you specify what version of Mbed OS you are using as this may help you get an answer?


Hi Anna,

I’m on the latest version, 6.2.

@AnnaBridge is anyone able to help on this?

Hi Kyle, I’ve asked internally if there is anyone that could help at the moment.

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