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Ssl->f_send() returned -80 (-0x0050)


I am using GitHub - michaelklishin/tls-gen: Generates self-signed x509/TLS/SSL certificates useful for development code to generate the certificates.
When I run the ssl_client2.exe and ssl_server2.exe with the above generated certificates, the communication works fine with mbedtls-2.26.0 library.

When I replace the ssl_server2.exe, with my openssl server application, I am having below error" connection was reset by peer."

Write to server:ssl_msg.c:5894: |2| => write
ssl_msg.c:2826: |2| => write record
ssl_msg.c:0597: |2| => encrypt buf
ssl_msg.c:1044: |2| <= encrypt buf
ssl_msg.c:2228: |2| => flush output
ssl_msg.c:2248: |2| message length: 55, out_left: 55
ssl_msg.c:2253: |2| ssl->f_send() returned 55 (-0xffffffc9)
ssl_msg.c:2281: |2| <= flush output
ssl_msg.c:2997: |2| <= write record
ssl_msg.c:5922: |2| <= write
34 bytes written in 1 fragments

GET / HTTP/1.0

< Read from server:ssl_msg.c:5475: |2| => read
ssl_msg.c:4029: |2| => read record
ssl_msg.c:2012: |2| => fetch input
ssl_msg.c:2169: |2| in_left: 0, nb_want: 5
ssl_msg.c:2194: |2| in_left: 0, nb_want: 5
ssl_msg.c:2195: |2| ssl->f_recv(_timeout)() returned -80 (-0x0050)
ssl_msg.c:4711: |1| mbedtls_ssl_fetch_input() returned -80 (-0x0050)
ssl_msg.c:4062: |1| ssl_get_next_record() returned -80 (-0x0050)
ssl_msg.c:5540: |1| mbedtls_ssl_read_record() returned -80 (-0x0050)
connection was reset by peer

How can i resolve this issue? I know that the certificates are valid and the communication works fine between mbedtls server and client , and also between openssl server and client.
My requirement is to use mbedtls client with openssl server. How can i get this to work with an openssl server and mbedtls client?