ST-LINK on mbed studio

Sir, how are you ?
Today on mbed-cli, to burn the my NRF52832 (EVK-NINA-B1) i use the ST-LINK + OPENOCD, works very very nice!!!

Mbed STUDIO uses the PYOCD, right ?
But does not burn my NRF52832 gives a error and ask to see the LOG of pyOCD, where is that ?

Can you help me ? The i can diagnostic the problem! does pyocd a telnet too ?

Hi Miguel, thanks for trying Studio.

You’re right that Mbed Studio uses PyOCD to flash the EVK-NINA-B1. On Windows, the Mbed Studio logs are stored in %HOME%\AppData\Local\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio.log, including any PyOCD errors.

For further help, could you email the log files to please?


It looks like pyOCD failed with this error:

pyocd.core.exceptions.ProbeError: STLink 48FF6D066578555529082167 is using an unsupported, older firmware version. Please update to the latest STLink firmware. Current version is V2J17M4, must be at least version v2J24.

Can you update the STLink version for your debug probe? The list of supported probes is available here:

I’ll investigate why that error wasn’t visible in the UI.

Thanks to feedback!

i will update!

Hi, it´s working now! thank you so much!

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