Start a thread from a member function

Hi! I’m very very rusty and I’m having huge problems solving this issue.

I have a class (LEDController) that is supposed to show some numbers on a 7 digit LDC.

In one scenario I want to “animate” the segments (like a wait spinner).

I want to start the “spinner” with the funtction “waitspinner” so it might look like this:

display.waitspinner(i2c_address, bool *isSpinning);

In the waitspinner I want to start a new thread so I can do a loop and show segments.

Here is my code so far, but I cannot understand how to create a new thread here

void LEDController::doSpin(int display, bool cancellationAsked) {

char buffer[11];

char bit = 0b00000001;

while (!cancellationAsked) {

for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++) {

  buffer[0] = 0x00;

  buffer[1] = bit;

  buffer[2] = 0xFF;

  buffer[3] = bit;

  buffer[4] = 0xFF;

  buffer[5] = 0x00;

  buffer[6] = 0xFF;

  buffer[7] = bit;

  buffer[8] = 0xFF;

  buffer[9] = bit;

  buffer[10] = 0xFF;

  i2c->write(display, buffer, 11);

  bit = bit << 1;





void LEDController::waitSpin(int display, bool cancellationAsked) {

Thread thread;

thread.start(callback(doSpin, display, cancellationAsked));