STM32F PWM not working

I have to make a 20 kHz PWM from DMA patterns for STM32F769 using the EVAL board.

I have managed to turn on one LED on the board but I cannot start-up the PWM using the TIM1 timer or any timer. The main reason is that I cannot find the correspondence between the TIMx and the GPIO.

Any one of you guys have managed to find this information and Link the TIMx to on a GPIOx?

Thank you.

Did you figure out your PWM from DMA table issue ?

I have been using the STM32F4xx and have successfully used the DMA to give Advanced timers 1 and 8 at 30 kHz.

It took a little bit of understanding to get it to work but seemed pretty simple after that.

The timer has to be initialized correctly as of course the DMA column and row that selects the DMA trigger source.

The F7xx may have more features such as being able to change the DMA source on the fly ?

Try basic code first ;

Here is the link . Import and compile .
Let me know if any trouble