STM32L432KC nucleo support for USBAudio?

Hi, I’m finding in a blank project targeting NUCLEO_L432KC w/ GCC_ARM that USBAudio may not be supported?

% find . -name 'USBAudio.h'

I infer this as the type AudioEvent is not defined:

 % rg AudioEvent
7:	//void send_done(AudioEvent &ae);
8:	//void receive_done(AudioEvent &ae);
14:void AudioWorkerData::send_done(AudioEvent &ae) {
17:void AudioWorkerData::receive_done(AudioEvent &ae) {

I’m unable to find a complete example of the USBAudio API’s advanced features. Does one exist? Is my board supported? The mbed page and the STM32 documentation advertises features useful for audio work.

My understanding is that at present the L432KC is not supported as an USB device. I did some work for Mbed-OS2 for L432 USB, however this does not work anymore using mbed-os 5.

As long as general USB device support is not enabled for the L432KC we can talk about Audio.
Regards Helmut

PS: I spend already some days with USB Device support for the L432, however not successful so far.
Regards Helmut

Ok, thanks for the heads up, I did not think to filter by “USB Device” on the devices page. I suspected they would all be supported. It looks like I will have to go back to CubeMX.