Text LCD Stream class missing

I tried to use the TextLCD HD44780 library https://os.mbed.com/components/HD44780-Text-LCD/ with Mbed 6
I get some errors:
class TextLCD : public Stream gives following error not a class or struct name
also get some errors using wait() identifier "wait" is undefined
I’m working with platformio with an STM32 Nucleo-F767ZI
I tried to import the library to mbed studio but the import fails.
import mbed studio

for the Stream class, you need to include

#include "Stream.h"

now. Before, it was included mbed.h, but now this changed, I don’t know why.

Some functions in Mbed6 have changed, for wait you should use


Note the chrono literals, thats also a nice upgrade now, but there are many libraries with deprecated functions now.

Thank you for the advices, they helps a lot.