ThisThread::sleep stuck in infinite loop

I have an issue with ThisThread::sleep getting stuck in an infinite loop on a L433CCY. The bug seems to be identical to this issue which is for a NUCLEO_L476RG: ThisThread::sleep_for not returning in Mbed OS 6 with HSE XTAL

This issue seems to be solved by implementing similar changes to system_clock.c as the changes described in commit 282bc22247b452c423fc46dcecef589ee760685b for NUCLEO_L476RG.
Are there a similar commit for a l433 series mcu?

In case someone else encounters this issue, my solution to this problem is found here: GitHub - rubenHe/mbed-os: Arm Mbed OS is a platform operating system designed for the internet of things
In my case an external hse crystal is used and no lse is connected. These options are set in targets/targets.json. I am using the target named “GENERIC_STM32L433CCY”, system_clock.c is shared with NUCLEO_L433RC_P and may solve similar issues (if present) on that board.

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