Trouble with NUCLEO-H743ZI2

I have problem with my new board NUCLEO-H743ZI2.

I can’t flash it from mbed studio. I get error from pyOCD:

“pyocd.core.exceptions.DebugError: No cores were discovered!”

I try the te latest version master from github and stable 0.27 form pip repository. I clear board from STM32Programmer, I download new cmsis package Keil.STM32H7xx_DFP.2.5.0.pack
and Keil.STM32H7xx_DFP.2.5.0-small.pack. But dont have result.

Do you have any ideas what I can do to run it?

What’s the firmware running ? Would you be able to run pyocd, using command similar to ? The idea is to run only pyOCD, specify arguments - to use packs and proper target - making sure pyOCD is able to flash your binary.

To make sure, the packs are correct and also the target.