Debug not work Nucleo H743ZI2

When I try to debug I see

line 214, in check_for_cores
raise exceptions.DebugError(“No cores were discovered!”)
pyocd.core.exceptions.DebugError: No cores were discovered!
“GDB server stopped unexpectedly with exit code 1”

In settings:

Everything is updated to the most recent versions, I tried all the options from the internet, nothing helps.

In Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO debug work, but every start in rebuild all files in project. It’s to looooong. (About 1h).


I not see your board in the list of officially supported targets for debug.

BR, Jan

There are only 18 devices in official support, but this does not bother everyone else. The problem is clearly not in the board, but in Mbed Studio. In PlatformIO, the debug works fully, with the same MbedOS. However, there is another problem, why does it constantly recompile all the code, but I can’t wait for each launch for 1.5 hours.