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UART COM from Board1 to Board 2 to PC

I am currently trying to send a test message from board 1 (bl475e-iot01a) to board 2(ublox-EVK-odin-w2) and then send that message from board 2 to my PC. All of this is through UART. I am also trying to send an acknowledgement byte from board 2 to board 1, so that board 1 only sends a message to board 2 when board 2 has finished reading and sending the previous message to the pc. The problem I am facing is that after 4 to 5 messages are successfully sent to the pc, no more values gets sent to the PC. I think what is happening is that board 1 ends up waiting for the acknowledgment byte from board 2, whereas board 2 is waiting for the message from board 1 (deadlock). I am not sure how to solve this, does anyone see any possible issues in my code?

Note: I have added several debugging print statements to the code for both boards. I do not intend to keep them, and they are there only to help me debug the code. (The same problem still exists even with the debugging statements removed. )

Board 1 code:

#define BUFF_SIZE 25 
#define UART_BAUD_RATE 115200
#define MODE 1 //0 for UART to PC, 1 for UART to ODIN 

#if MODE == 0 
#define TX_PIN PB_6
#define RX_PIN PB_7
#elif MODE == 1 
#define TX_PIN D1
#define RX_PIN D0 

/* Includes */
#include "mbed.h"
#include <iostream>

char* mystrcat( char* dest, char* src )
     while (*dest) dest++;
     while ((*dest++ = *src++) != '\0');
     return --dest;

int main() {

	Serial uart_odin(TX_PIN, RX_PIN, UART_BAUD_RATE); 
	uart_odin.format(8, SerialBase::None, 1);

	Serial uart_debug(PB_6, PB_7, UART_BAUD_RATE);
	uart_debug.format(8, SerialBase::None, 1);

	//set test message and intiialize buffer 
  char test_msg[] = "-1000,-2000,-3000";
  char buffer[BUFF_SIZE * (sizeof(test_msg) + 10)]; //+10 needed to make space for the count and \r\n 
  memset(buffer, 0, sizeof(buffer));

	//intialize variables 
  int count = 0; 
  int global_count = 0; 
  char * p = buffer; 
  char count_str[10];
  bool first_iteration = true; 
  char transmit_check = '0';

  while(1) {
		//saves messages to buffer 
    while(count != BUFF_SIZE){
        //Append test message to buffer 
        p = mystrcat(p, test_msg);
        *p = ' '; //add space for the count 

        //convert global count to a string 
        std::string tmp = std::to_string(global_count);
        char *global_count_str = (char *) tmp.c_str();

        //append global count to the buffer as well as new line characters 
        p = mystrcat(p, global_count_str);
        *p = '\r';
        *(++p) = '\n';
        //incriment count and global count 

    //loop until ODIN board send a transmit check signal ('1')
    while(transmit_check == '0' && first_iteration == false){
				uart_debug.puts("start loop\r\n");
				uart_debug.printf("readable: %d\r\n", uart_odin.readable());
					transmit_check = uart_odin.getc();
				uart_debug.printf("transmit check: %c\r\n", transmit_check);

    //send buffer data to ODIN 
		uart_debug.puts("sending buffer to odin\r\n");
		uart_debug.puts("sending to odin complete\r\n");

    //reset variables for new iteration
    first_iteration = false; 
    transmit_check = '0';
    p = buffer; //reser the pointer to the start of the buffer 
    count = 0; 
    memset(buffer, 0, sizeof(buffer));

Board 2 code:

#include "mbed.h"
#include "platform/mbed_thread.h"
#include <cstdint>

#define UART_BAUD_RATE_L475 115200
#define UART_BAUD_RATE_PC 1843200
#define BUFF_SIZE 25 
#define MESSAGE_SIZE 30 //includes sensor value and count 

int main()
    Serial uart_l475(D1, D0, UART_BAUD_RATE_L475);
    uart_l475.format(8, SerialBase::None, 1);

    Serial uart_pc(USBTX, USBRX, UART_BAUD_RATE_PC);
    uart_pc.format(8, SerialBase::None, 1);

    char buffer[BUFF_SIZE * MESSAGE_SIZE]; 
    char recieved_char;
    char * p_buffer = buffer; 
    while (true) {
        uart_pc.printf("readable outside loop: %d\r\n", uart_l475.readable());
        if (uart_l475.readable()){
            uart_pc.printf("readable inside loop: %d\r\n", uart_l475.readable());

            uart_pc.puts("reading from l475 \r\n");
            while((recieved_char = uart_l475.getc()) != '\0' && uart_l475.readable()){
                *p_buffer = recieved_char;
                p_buffer ++; 
            *p_buffer = '\0'; 
            uart_pc.puts("completed reading buffer from l475\r\n");

            uart_pc.puts("sending buffer data to PC\r\n");
            uart_pc.puts("completed sending buffer data to PC\r\n");

            p_buffer = buffer; //make the pointer point to the start of the buffer 

            uart_pc.puts("sending aknolwedgement bit to l475 \r\n");
            uart_pc.puts("aknowledgement bit sent complete \r\n");