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Update campaign stop

I’m new here and trying to do firmware updating. My update campaign stop with Summary message Not yet started Active campaign already exists.

I’m using “mbed-example-pelion” firmware

Hi Pasquale,

Does there any other active campaign exist? If yes, then it’s correct because the active campaign reserves the quota for FOTA, and you need to stop this one before starting a new campaign.

Let me know how it goes.


Hi Desmond,

i deleted all campaign before i start the new update campaign. There is present 1 image, 1 manifest 1 update campaign.

“You can have a total of 200 Update campaigns in your organization’s account. There is 1 Update campaigns present.”

This problem started just when i canceled the old campaigns.



I do see the same issue Active campaign already exists.

  • there is no active campaign

As I am not able to see any active campaign UI, How can I delete if any present queue else where in the pipeline.

Hi here,

We are addressing this issue now, will update progress here.


Hi @pcameli @riscv, please send your Pelion accound id to, we need this information to recover your account.