Uploading code to a device

Dear forum users

I have a little question regarding Mbed studio perhaps a stupide one. How do I upload code to a dev board( Embed enabled) ?

I asume by pressing the play arrow but when I do that nothing happens.

thank you in advance and with best regards Ben

Hi there,

first try to check the documentation for the MbedStudio.

You need to have board recognized by the MbedStudio. This you will find in the “target” combobox where you must see your board name and USB logo, which indicate your board is connected.

For example with a Nucleo board when you press Play button you need to check Output window for progress and finish of a compilation . After compilation will be done you will see as last

Image: BUILD/NUCLEO_F429ZI/ARMC6\NewMbedProject.bin

Then in the botton right corner you will see a small progress icon and a buble message where you will be informed about erasing chip and later run program 0-100%.

BR, Jan

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