USB composite device HID and CDC-ACM


I am pretty new to Mbed OS but got a few projects running with it on STM32 L4 Devices.

Now I am about to implement a composite device because we need to be able to have a USB HID device and a virtual COM port in one device.

So I am looking for a solution to implement a composite device and wondering this is not easily possible with Mbed OS. Or am I missing something?

What would be the best practice to implement a composite device?

Thanks for your help.


Can’t get it to work.


no one is probably sure for answer of this question, but it is not possible in Mbed I think.

Multiple USB components - Mbed OS - Arm Mbed OS support forum

You probably need your own implementation or use semthing different where is TyniUSbe stack.

There were also an attempt of this- USBComposite - USB Composite support | Mbed

BR, Jan