Using DAC0_OUT causes "pinmap not found for peripheral" on K64F and MbedOS 5

Hi, I’m having an issue with DAC0_OUT on the K64F. Trying to create an AnalogOut using the DAC0_OUT pin causes a MBedOS error: “pinmap not found for peripheral”. It’s pretty easy to reproduce.

  1. Open MBed Studio
  2. Create a new Blink project.
  3. Add AnalogOut aout(DAC0_OUT); To the main function
  4. flash any k64f board and view out serial output

Any guidance would be helpful here. Thanks!

Hi Kyle,

what version of Mbed OS 5 are you using? Do you also see the same thing if you try one of our Mbed 6 releases ?

So I migrated my code over to Mbed 6 and that seems to have taken care of the issue. I tried on multiple Mbed 5.14 and Mbed 5.15, but it wasn’t functional.

HI Kyle, a lot of work has gone into the 6.0 series releases so I am glad you have managed to find a solution that now works for you.

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