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Using Ethernet shield W5500 on Nucleo-f401re

(Minho Kim) #1

Hi there,

In mBed homepage, They explain that users can use Ehternet shield W5200 on Nucleo-f401re.
Now, It was discontinued. so, I buy W5500.
I use W5500 Interface library and main.cpp in W5200 example(I changed).

but, It doesnt work!! F401re cant use W5500?? or Anything wrong in my code??
I need your help!


(Martin Kojtal) #2

This question is related to mbed SDK, you might have an answer on https://developer.mbed.org/.

Please find a tag for ww5500 or wiznet at least there.

(Bongjun Hur) #3

It’s kind of personal evaluation, but I tried to make a example with Nucleo F401RE (or F411RE) + W5500 Ethernet shield.
Have a look at simple webserver example for W5500 just for your reference.