Using Ethernet shield W5500 on Nucleo-f401re

Hi there,

In mBed homepage, They explain that users can use Ehternet shield W5200 on Nucleo-f401re.
Now, It was discontinued. so, I buy W5500.
I use W5500 Interface library and main.cpp in W5200 example(I changed).

but, It doesnt work!! F401re cant use W5500?? or Anything wrong in my code??
I need your help!


This question is related to mbed SDK, you might have an answer on

Please find a tag for ww5500 or wiznet at least there.

It’s kind of personal evaluation, but I tried to make a example with Nucleo F401RE (or F411RE) + W5500 Ethernet shield.
Have a look at simple webserver example for W5500 just for your reference.

I will revive the old theme.
I decided to try to master Ethernet support in Mbed.
I have W5100 and Nucleo F411RE boards available, I know the 5100 is a very old chip.
It looks like this library is made for the old version and it does not work to build it together with mbed-os-example-mbed5-blinky, I cannot understand what the error is.
I tried to build an example with Nucleo F411RE for W5100.
Connected W5100.h and W5100.cpp
When compiling with #define USE_W5500, the project is built, when compiling with #define USE_W5100, errors occur. I correct some, others appear.
Unfortunately, I am new to Mbed and write only in C (not ++) and my knowledge is not enough to understand what is the reason.
I see the same lines of code W5100.cpp and W5500.cpp, but in one case the compiler gives an error and in the other it doesn’t.
Could you please share a workable example with support for old chips?
Or suggest what to smoke and where to dig to solve the problem?

Please don’t offer to buy a new board with a W5500 or another chip, it’s easier then to buy a Nucleo with Ethernet support on board, but it will not be very fast. And it will be a slightly different Ethernet implementation (no SPI).