6LowPAN arduino SHIELD

Hi all,

I’m doing an academic project on 6LowPAN at the Polytechnic of Leiria in Portugal, for this purpose we purchased 10 - L-Tek 6LowPAN Arduino Shield 2.4GHz and 2 L-Tek 6LoWPAN 2.4GHz Gateway.
We are search about this but we are not finding information available to work with your equipment (L-Tek 6LowPAN Arduino Shield and L-Tek 6LoWPAN Gateway 2.4GHz).
Is there any Arduino bookstore to connect the shields? If not, what development board should I buy in order to use the shileds. If so, what firmware for this card for this purpose?

Hi, you can pair the L-TEK 6LoWPAN shield with any Mbed-enabled development board (list here). Then the software is here:

Note that you can use any networking example for Mbed OS 5, including CoAP / MQTT / etc. as long as you point it to an IPv6 service.

Hi, Many thanks for your help but i have another question for you.

There is any board that you recommend for this purpose?

The NUCLEO-F401RE is cheap (10 euros or so) and readily available, so good choice. You can switch to other boards if you need more RAM (f.e. to run TLS encrypted sessions); also depends on what distributor you use and what they carry.