Using Mbed OS NFC library with ST ANT7-T-M24SR

I am attempting to get an NXP NTAG I2C device to work with the Mbed OS NFC EEPROM library. It appears there is quite a bit involved. I am waiting for some response to queries on the forum.

So, to help me get familiar with the NFC EEPROM library, I grabbed my ST ANT7-T-M24SR breakout module.

It appears that the NFC EEPROM example given on Mbed OS documentation is not that clear as it leaves the DIS and GP0 pins undefined.

The header file (m24sr_driver.h) is not much better.

Here, if your board is not defined as TARGET_DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A or MBED_CONF_X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 then all these pins are undefined and I cannot see where you would define them.

define M24SR_I2C_SDA_PIN NC
#define M24SR_I2C_SCL_PIN NC
#define M24SR_GPO_PIN NC

Maybe someone can give me some guidance here. Thanks.