Verify RSA 1024


Am trying to perform RSA sign, verify & AES of data on IoT. The ROM we have is quite lesser around 40 K allocated for crypto components. As AES is alreay given by platform, tried to cut-out RSA_Verify and it’s dependencies. However still it likely occupies more-than 50 K. Is there any suggestion. And mpi tooK around 30K, Any idea? Could we port any other lightweight mpi ibrary?

Gopi Krishnan

HI @gopi219
Thank you for your question.
An initial disclaimer is that 1024 bit key size is considered unsecure, and it is advised to use a bigger key size. Have you considered using ECDSA which uses smaller size keys with same security strengths?

As for your question, I believe this article may assist you.
Mbed TLS Support