Very basic, fundementally frustrating question

I have a board that I wish to put mbedOS firmware onto. Everything I read tells me to drop the firmware into the mass storage folder of the device in the windows file system. This apparently uses DAPLink.

However my board has had other OS’s on it as experiments and it does not show up in the file system at all. I can see no way to push a copy of mbedOS to this board.

in other systems, like ESP32, there is generally an esptool for pushing firmware directly to COM ports.

What am I missing?

its just a USB mass storage device.
The same way a USB flash drive would appear.

Could you share which board you are using? It may help the community come up with an answer to the problem. Very basic question but are you definitely using the debug connection? Some boards have multiple USB connections and will only show up as mass storage if you use the debug one (as a bit of noob I’ve made this mistake more than once!) I’ve also been caught out by grabbing any old cable lying on my desk and only later realising that it’s from a phone charger so doesn’t actually handle data transfer…

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You could also take a look at this page and see if following the guidelines there help you.