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I’d like to know more about using mbed to access, control and manipulate HomeKit devices and Nordic WiFi devices


I would like to know more about FUOTA projects and delta method for updating (if it is possible without pelion ) and how does it work.
thank you :slight_smile:



Where are you going and when? I keep seeing updates pop up, but I do not know when they are coming nor what the next given sets of features will be. Case in point: I was going to attempt an implementation of a small flash based storage system for values. I got pretty far along and then not only found the API changing, but soon, TDBStore came out. Granted, the TDBStore was superior to mya. However, since I did not know it was coming, I threw away a number of my evenings on the project. C’est la vie, but it would have been nice to have done something .


I fully agree with @peapod. The project planning system should be made public, for developers to see and anticipate what is on the way. It could well be integrated into GitHub Projects.

I have a couple of additional questions:

  • How does Mbed place itself against the competitors (Zephyr, FreeRTOS, ThreadX etc.)? What are the selling points and core compentencies of Mbed that distinguish itself from others? What are the plans to stay competitive in the future?
  • Who is the target audience of Mbed? Are you concentrating on the amateur scene with focus on quick prototyping (features like drag-and-drop flashing etc.) or the professionals who want to build a high-quality and reliable product? Are there trade-offs between these focus points?

I have a question on OS support for a particular board.
BBC micro:bit is only supported up to mbed OS2, is there some technical reason for this?
One more question on a related.
BBC micro:bit v2 has increased Flash and RAM resources, will OS6 be supported in the future?

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Thanks for all the questions so far, we’ll do our best to address them this evening!

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It would be interesting to know how many people are working on Mbed OS and how you are organized (feature teams, methodology, …) to see how we can contribute as well as being realistic with expectations.

Thanks for your questions folks - we’ll aim to answer the ones we hadn’t time for tomorrow.

We’re also still running the Mbed Developer Survey here:

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Hi Carl,

I believe you’re referring to Nordic’s recent acquisition of the WiFi teams and IP from Imagination? If so there is no silicon yet so difficult to answer at this stage :slight_smile:.

Regarding HomeKit, I must say I have limited experience but would be keen to know if you’ve tried to use it with Mbed OS before?

Hi Junji,

Regarding micro:bit - I think these are really good questions but should be for the micro:bit team!

Hi Lluis,

Generally we have teams with specific expertise (core OS, connectivity, HAL, tooling, testing, etc) however we sometimes try to gather folks around a specific feature (the CMake build system is a good example). Broadly we’re using scrum methodologies.

It’s a bit more difficult to give you a number as we have folks across Arm contributing to Mbed OS (including upstream software such as RTX or TF-M).

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I think we’ve addressed all questions above in the livestream or in this thread - please let me know if there’s something we missed!



I played around with Homekit with BLE a tiny bit. I’ve uploaded my demo code on GitHub:

It doesn’t do much more than broadcast advertisements that let an iOS device see the Mbed device as a nearby Homekit device, but it’s a start I guess.

If you’re interested, you can submit a proposal issue for BLE support here:

I agree!

Same thing happened to me with the release of the mbed-os-bluetooth-integration-testsuite! I had been working on pretty much the same thing for a couple weeks and I was completely surprised when they released this new test suite. Of course, it was way more comprehensive than what I was doing, but I would’ve liked some prior notice so that I could’ve built my tools on the to-be-released test suite rather than coding myself into a corner with my own framework!

What about the roadmap?
For sure there are at least some people who know on what are all the different teams working (and how they progress). Otherwise the whole project would simply fall apart…

Please make the roadmap public and update that with each release.

Hi Peter,

We’ve published an initial version of the roadmap here: Mbed OS Roadmap · GitHub

We’ll expand on it and keep it up to date in the coming months.

Feedback is welcome!



That is great Don!

That way we all have in idea what is in progress and what is on the radar.
I think the roadmap should be placed either on the main menu of or on the left sidebar in the documentation. That way the roadmap would be more discoverable.


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Thanks for the feedback Peter - you’re right it’s a bit hidden at the moment! I’ll discuss this with our web team to see what we can do there.