Viewing static memory allocation using Keil Studio Cloud

I used to conveniently check the static memory allocation after a build with the old style MBed Online Compiler. This is not possible, as far as I understand, with the Keil Studio Cloud compiler. I found an article for the standalone Keil IDE (Keil memmap) using the standard ‘memap’ command, but I wonder if there’s a way we could integrate this in the Cloud Keil IDE.

Hi @ffxx68 ,

Thank you for the suggestion! This is not a feature that we are currently working on, but we have raised it with the development team for consideration.

Carey - Studio Team

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great… any suggestion for the timebeing?

Hi - I’m trying to use the Keil Studio debugger, but while I can manage to set breakpoints, view variabiles, memory, and so, I haven’t figured out yet how to use the “debug console”.
This apparently allows to enter commands, but I cant find proper documentation for that.
I imagined the commands from the uVision command window could apply to the Studio too (Documentation – Arm Developer) but none of them seems to work, always giving an “Expression is not valid”.
Any reference about how to use that debug console. Still, my first aim is at finding the memory map (MAP command could help, if it worked).

Hi @ffxx68 ,

Unfortunately there is no Debugger CLI support in Keil Studio Cloud yet.


Carey – Studio Team

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Hi @Carey_Williams - given the phasing out of the MBed online compiler, by the end of this year, we’ll lack a static memory viewing tool.
Any plan to provide a similar tool in Keil Studio Cloud?

We will add this feature request to our backlog and then update you when we’ve investigated the feasibility.


Hi - is there any followup, over this request? Thanks!

Hello there,
We have been waiting for this type of functionality for a long time.
This is very important, not to say essential, for developers.
We need to know the final size of the flash program, the size of the data region in RAM, available space for stack and heap, among other things that could be obtained from the resulting OBJ and MAP files from compilation.
Any news or hints about hot to do that in Keil Studio Cloud?
Any help of comment are greatly appreciated.
Eduardo Pellini

Keil Studio Cloud now outputs RAM, Flash and ROM at the end of a build. Thanks for raising this request and for your patience.

thanks! that’s very useful

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I have been struggling to get Keil Studio Cloud to display actual memory usage on the completion of a build:

I am using Keil Studio Cloud 1.7.15 with a target device of FRDM-K64F.

I have tried to find help on how to resolve this and have struggled. Any advice?