Watchdog example based on direct register programming

hello ,

I am trying to implement watchdog for project .my target is NU MAKER PFM M2351.but i came to know that watchdog class has not been written for my version of mbed studio(5.15).i tried implementing the watchdog functionality using register programming , it gets compiled but the flow of the code stops at SysUnlockReg which i am using to write to protected register.if any body could provide code that directly writes to watchdog related register for watchdog init and feed is what i am looking for.

Thanks in adavance.


to be honest, I believe if someone could help, it would happen and I do not see any point in creating more and more topics for same thing.

More useful can be created one topic and time to time publish your actual state (what you already tried or did). That will also hold the topic on the top of topic list and maybe sometimes someone will help you.

From my point of view that is more related to Nuvoton (Technical Community - Nuvoton) brcause it seems to be Nuvoton specific.

BR, Jan