Wearable Reference Design Target


I haven’t transitioned over to the new Mbed-OS due to what seems to be a lack of support for the Mbed-LPC1768 and the NXP LPC1768 in general. We’re finishing up our transition from Mbed-LPC1768 daughter boards to a fully-integrated system (NXP LPC1768/69 embedded in the main control board).

It looks like the Wearable reference design uses an ARM Cortex M3 processor as the main system processor and uses the new yotta build system with Mbed-OS. My question is: how are you doing this? Is there a Cortex M3 target or platform that this is based on? Also, I didn’t see the specific processor called out in the design. Is this public?


According to the BOM and schematic the MCU is an Energy Micro/Silicon Labs EFM32GG995F1024.

And here is the yotta target: yotta - build better software