What have hightest priority ticker or serialPC?

Hello, I would like to ask, i use ticker for generete output from DAC and in the same I can receive data by serialPC attach function. I want to ask which one have highest priortity or are the same? Thanks Adam

Hi Adam,

When you want to find something, I recommend use search from Mbed web instead of this forum, because the search of Mbed web includes topics of this forum but also old questions and old forum. That is best choice for good result, I think.

I found an old page where you can see some NVIC functions.
So when you know, what a peripheral you use then you can just…

    uint32_t uartPrio = NVIC_GetPriority(USART1_IRQn);
    printf("Uart IRQ priority %zu\n",uartPrio); //lower number higher priority
//or set 

I hope that will help you little bit.
BR, Jan