What is the source of "DEVICE_SPI=1" in .profile-c file?

I’m working on a small board connected through EP_AGORA’s DAPLINK. To date, i’ve gotten the example blinky and example cellular programs to work successfully. Now i am working with the pelion example project. The problem is that my board does not have spi connected to anything (which may end up being a downstream problem i’ll have to solve later) and I’d like to get DEVICE_SPI=1 removed (or set to DEVICE_SPI=0) from the generated files .profile-c and .profile-cxx. I’ve tried to go through the Program setup >> Build profiles and rules portions of the documentation, but i can’t determine a path to remove these.

I am currently working with Mbed Studio v1.4.3 and the latest Pelion and MBed OS from git.


the DEVICE_SPI corresponds with SPI setting of your target in targets.json file. So when you delete SPI from targets.json then it also disappear in the rest.

If you use custom_targets.json file, you will probably need something like below inside it

        "device_has_remove": [

Adding and configuring targets - Program setup | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

BR, Jan

Thanks very much, that did it.