Device id details are not showing Arm pelion portal

Hi team,

issue : device id details are not created in Arm pelion portal but simple mbed client application shows successful regestration.

We are currently working on ARM pelion by uisng board : DISCO_L475E_IOT01A over WiFI and using onboard QSPI flash.

last 10 days back i was import sample code and build and test the sensors working behaviour.

At that time device id details are automatically cretaed on by running the sample code. today i delete the my device id details are deleted manually.

and run the application once again but device id details are not created in Arm pelion portal but simple mbed client application shows successful regestration.

Could you please let us know is there any issue at Arm mbed portal and simple mbed client for device details creation?

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Hi Praveen,
I think you are using developer certificate downloaded from Portal.
In that case, if you delete the Device ID from Portal it is marked as “removed” from Cloud but your device is still holding that Device ID. In order to get the new Device ID for your device, you will need to remove those stored Device ID from your device, which means that you will need to format or erase your QSPIF flash region.
Once you do that, after that when you will run pelion client example again, your device will get new Device ID from Cloud and will use that one afterwards and you can see that on Portal as well.


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for your quick response.
i think i need to press button at start of program to format QSPIF flash region.
if not please let me know if any code available for format the QSPIF region.(and i am not using any SD card for storage purpose)

today i down loaded the latest code from below link.

but nothing work from this code even the code starting printing on the console ie nothing was not written on serial port.

is there any issue with latest code.

Thanks for your help


You can also try to run factory_reset in your application programatically to bring your storage to original state

Remember to do this only once, otherwise if this code is executed on every device reset then it will clean and generate new device ID everytime.

As for the latest code, I dont know what has changed. You can continue using your last working copy if you are noticing issue .
Better to create issue under that repository directly if you are having trouble using latest version.


Hello, I have the same problem with nucleo F429ZI. I deleted the device from the portal and now it is not listed in the device management list. I tried the factory reset command but the problem remains. Any ideas? Also, I am getting this error in the device logs “client_error(11) -> Client in reconnection mode SecureConnectionFailed”