Where can I learn how to code in c/++

Hi,so I’m really interested in this whole electronics thing and my goals are to make a flight controller for quadcopters ive been looking through the alpha site on the cookbook looking through code but im obviously not learning and knowing what the code does and how it works so if anyone knows of any good courses out there please tell me thanks!

@Wfisom, Society of Robots has some neat resources that cover the basics of robotics. If you are looking for introductory courses to lear C programming, there are free courses in udemy.com and other such MOOC courses.

Once you are up to speed, I’d suggest looking at boards available from Gumstix. There are some cool boards that you can use to program your very own quadcopter. You can even design your own board from scratch (without any PCB design knowledge) with Geppetto.

I hope you learn and have fun!

Hi,thanks a lot for your reply gumstix looks like the perfect website I’ve been looking for ,thanks again!